The production and processing of your pit green is 100% in Germany. In the Darmstadt workshops, all 28 individual parts are carefully assembled by hand in 30 work steps. The long-term cooperation with our regional partners ensures that you always receive a high-quality pit.

Production and assembly at the Darmstadt workshops

The Darmstadt Workshops for People with Disabilities have been in existence since 1968 and are responsible for the reintegration of people with disabilities into the world of work. For this reason, they offer jobs to all those who cannot, not yet or no longer be active on the general labour market due to their disability.

We think this is a good thing and have supported the Darmstadt workshops since the start of production.


Regional partners

We always pay attention to best quality, careful production and fair trade.
Of course we also pay attention to this with our partners.


Darmstädter Werkstätten

Production & Packaging


Kugelfertigung Hoch

Grinding the balls



Club Production

Climate Neutral Shipping

We ship climate-neutrally with the DHL-GOGREEN programme and thus contribute to climate protection and the sustainability of our products.

A GOGREEN climate-neutral shipment is just like any other shipment - apart from the fact that DHL supports a climate protection project by purchasing CO2 credits from verified and high-quality projects as compensation, thereby neutralising CO2(e) emissions.


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