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pit green is the micro golfer with addiction factor! With the right club, skill and a little practice, you're sure to hit the perfect shot!

Whether you're playing from the kitchen into the living room, or from the office down into the local pub – no matter where you are, your personal golf course is there too!

You'll never let this design-winning pit out of your hands!


Designed to bring out your best performance

pit green is designed to be more than just a gadget. The patented propulsion system transmits the energy from your hand to the club in an unimpeded manner. The mark on pit's head helps you place the ball for the perfect shot. With flat rubber-soled feet, the pit will also not move out of place no matter how vigorously you strike.

Whether you're forced to play as accurately as possible or have to bridge the distance between the kitchen table and your living room, the pit green micro golfer is prepared for anything!

4 clubs

for impressive performance

Choosing the right club for every situation is essential in every game of classic golf – and so it is in micro golf. pit green comes with all of the 4 club types (wedge, iron, driver and putter) known to the classic game. Made out of solid material, the clubs help you perform an impressive range of shots of over 40ft in distance and over 7ft in height. The design of the clubs makes it possible to adjust their height, just like in the classic golf.

The possibility to insert the slider from four different directions gives you the flexibility to stay on top of every game whatever the situation is.

Whether you want to play a hole-in-one onto your colleague's desk or just make a final putt around your coffee cub, you'll always have the right club at hand!


Hundreds of glass beads

Sophisticated technology that recreates real lawn rolling resistance!

The developers of pit green have put a lot of thought into recreating a real golf experience. With this in mind, they developed 'lawn-in-ball' technology which uses hundreds of small glass beads inside the ball to gradually absorb the energy of each hit so the ball bounces and rolls on hard surfaces as it would on real lawn, and with full precision. Through thermo welding and a special grinding technology, a perfectly round hollow sphere is produced. This technology even enables you to play trick shots such as a banana putt!

Quality made in Germany!

Your pit green set is carefully assembled by hand within a social institution in Germany. Our long-term partnerships with mainly regional suppliers ensure we deliver to you a high quality product.

Did you know? It takes a total of 30 steps to assemble the 28 parts that make up each set!



An impressive means of communication!

pit green is the ideal product to communicate with your customers and business partners. Combining award-winning design with impressive functionality, the pit green is not a giveaway that will be put in the closet. Already pit green has convinced famous international companies like T-Mobile, Konica Minolta, Xbox and Porsche of its value. We offer a wide variety of customisations that cover every component of the sets, such as: branded bags, players or completely customised packaging. You can find more examples of branding here.


„The genius begins great works, but only the hard-working finish them.”
Leonardo da Vinci


Basic Set

The basic equipment for every micro golfer

1 micro golf player, slider plus replacement slider, golf bag with chrome embossed logo, golf green with chrome insert, 4 chrome-plated clubs (wedge, iron, driver and putter), competition balls (hollow sphere filled with glass beads), copy of 'Play' magazine (20 pages of experiences with pit green) and an instruction manual in a high-quality packaging.

The set is 'ready to use'.

49 €


7.90 €

Ball Pack

8 competition balls

Optimised bounce and roll ball behaviour on hard surfaces through 'lawn-in-ball' technology.

3.90 €

Slider Pack

3 sliders

The sliders are designed to suit all game situations due to the flexible characteristics of the material.

19.00 €

Player Cap

The white cap with 'Player' printed in red provides comfort during the game.

It has a closed back with elastic stretch band for a comfortable fit.

10.00 €

Silicon Spray

The care and cleaning product keeps the pit fit – to achieve the perfect swing.

The silicon spray is colourless, clean and non-staining.

For safety reasons, the silicone spray can be shipped only within Germany. Shipping to other countries is not possible.

More designs

99.00 €

Practice Display

incl. Basic Set

This stylish display made from acrylic glass and laminated wood is the ideal way to present your pit green, and allows you to putt without losing the ball.

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more is on the way